Bilton Cricket Club

Members of the Airedale and Wharfedale Senior Cricket League A ECB Clubmark Registered Club

Club Rules


The name of the Club shall be Bilton Cricket Club and is affiliated tothe ECB via the YCB.
(a). The club formally adopts and adheres to the ECB Safe hands Policy and ECB EquityPolicy.

The object of the Club is to provide cricket for its members and such other sporting and/or social activities as may be desired by members of theclub. The club does not discriminate on grounds of, age, ability,disability, gender, nationality or social and economic status and will not tolerate any form of sexual, racial or religious harassment. The club has designated and appointed posts of:
a. Club Welfare Officer.
b. Club Development Officer.

The post of Welfare Officer to be ex-gratia with full voting rights and full General and Cricket Committee status.

For this purpose the Club shall enter teams in such Leagues and Competitions as shall be decided at Annual General and/or extraordinary General Meetings.

(a) Trustees not exceeding six in number shall be elected by members of the Club
(b) Any property purchased by the Club shall be vested in the Trustees.
(c) The Trustees may deal with the property so vested in them by way of sale, mortgage, charge, and lease or otherwise howsoever as directed by theClub. Such direction shall be given by a resolution of the members of the Club passed by a majority of the members present at a duly convened meeting of the Club and when so passed shall in favour of a purchaser, mortgagee,charges, leasee or guarantee be binding upon all members of the club. A certificate purporting to be signed by the Secretary for the time being of the Club shall in favour of the said persons be conclusive evidence that a direction complying in all respects with the above provisions of this rule was duly given to the Trustees.

(a) The management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Secretary, Cricket Secretary and a Committee of Members not exceeding 8 in number to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. For continuity purposes six officers will be elected i.e Chairman, Secretary and Finance Secretary one year and the remaining officers, i.e Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Cricket Secretary the following year, each group being elected for two years. Of the eight ordinary members, four members will be elected for two year (two members being elected one year and the remaining two members the following year). The remaining four ordinary members will be elected annually. In the event of a Member resigning during the first year of a two year elected period, an election for the remaining one year will take place at the Annual General Meeting. Committee meetings will be held monthly (normally the third Monday of the month) in any financial year. Meetings to be convened by the Hon. Secretary and should only be held if a quorum of not less than 6 (3 Officers and 3 Committee members) are in attendance. The notice requesting nominations of the post to be displayed by the Club Secretary 30 days prior to the Annual general Meeting and removed 7 day before the said meeting. All nominees to countersign their nomination which should be formally proposed and seconded. The Committee shall have power to elect members if a vacancy occurs during the year.

(b) The Committee shall have the power to delegate the organisation of the sporting and/or social activities.

(a) Membership of Bilton Cricket Club shall be considered to be a privilege, which may be removed subject to the procedure outlined at rule 22.

(b) The classes of membership and subscriptions shall be:

Senior Playing Member £50.00 (Membership includes Partners and children)
Senior Player (Evenings only) £30.00
Junior Player (Under 18) £30.00
Family Members (Husband and Wife £20.00+ children under 16)
Social Members £15.00
OAP (Men/Ladies) £5.00
OAP (Husband and Wife) £7.00
Junior Non Playing Member (16-18Yrs) £10.00
(1) Family membership shall carry only one vote and privileges of one member. This note shall also apply to the senior playing member (men) and wife category of membership and O.A.P's (husband and wife). Any committee member or official covered by the membership categories in this note will hold the vote right at all times. Their partner therefore has no vote rights at any time.(2) Senior member means any member who has attained the age of 18 years.
(3) Any category of membership can be paid for a period of 5 years at a cost of 4 years.
(4) On reaching 16 children can take the option of becoming Junior Family Members.

( c) ‘Membership of the club is open to all. New non playing members wishing to join the club must complete an application form. The application for membership is then to be considered by members of the committee
(d) All members shall pay their annual subscriptions by 31 May in any year. Any member who has not paid their annual subscriptions by this date will cease to be members and will require to re-apply for membership in accordance with rule 6c

No person may be admitted to membership of the club or be admitted as candidates to any of the privileges of membership, without an interval of at least two days between their nomination or application and their admission. Nor may persons becoming members without prior nomination or application be admitted to the privileges of membership without an interval of at least two days between their becoming members and their admission.

(a) The President shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be elected for a period of two years. Nominations for the post of President shall be submitted to the committee not less than 30 days prior to the AGM. The Committee shall make recommendations to the AGM.
(b) Vice Presidents shall be nominated by the Committee of the Club. All proposals for Vice Presidents must be notified to the Club Secretary for consideration by the Committee. Upon election the annual subscription payable by a Vice President shall be a minimum of £25.00.
(c) The Committee will nominate life Membership for ratification at the Annual General Meeting.

(a) The Club's organisational year shall commence on the 1st April. A Playing Member who has not paid his subscription by the 31st May shall be excluded from all teams until his subscription shall be paid.
(b) The Club's financial year shall commence on 1st October.

(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the first Monday in December in each year. The date of each A.G.M shall be published on the notice board in the Clubhouse.
(b) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary on receiving written request from 30 members or the Committee. The Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened within 7 days of the receipt by the Secretary of such written notice and shall be held not later than 21 days after such notice. Two thirds of the signatories of the request must attend the Extraordinary General Meeting for the meeting to be valid. The object of the meeting shall be fully stated in the request and in the notice convening the meeting.
(c) Voting at Annual and Extraordinary Meetings shall be by show of hands except in the election of officers and Committee Members, when voting shall be by secret ballot. Senior members only shall be allowed to vote.
(d) Rule 19 shall be suspended on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting.

(a) The Captains and Vice-captains of the various teams shall be elected annually by the General Committee.
(b) The first eleven shall have first choice of any player.
(c) Any member selected to play in any match must play in that match or give a reason, which the Committee shall consider satisfactory.
(d) Any member selected to play for any particular team and being unable to do so shall notify the Captain of that team by Thursday in respect of Saturday games and as soon as possible for evening games.
(e) The following Trophies will be presented annually:
1st XI Batting - Bass Trophy
1st XI Bowling - Britannia Building Society Shield
1st XI Fielding - Les Senior Trophy
2nd XI Batting - AID Shield
2nd XI Bowling - The Gordon Barrett Trophy
2nd XI Fielding - The Ethel Sanders Trophy
3rd XI Batting - The Terry Wright Shield
3rd XI Bowling - The Peter Elsworth Shield
3rd XI Fielding - The Alan Mitchell Shield
Junior Player of the Year - The Eric Oddy Trophy
Most Improved Player - The Paul Watson Cup
(f) The Selection Committee shall consist of the Captains or Vice Captains of Senior Teams plus two members nominated by the General Committee.
(g) At least one player's meeting is to be held annually.

The Groundsman and two members of the Committee shall be responsible for the cancellation of Saturday League matches. The two Committee Members shall be elected at the first Committee Meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

The Treasurer and Finance Secretary shall have charge of all monies, receipt and payments of the Club and shall keep a banking account in the name of the Club. All accounts shall be paid by the Treasurer or Finance Secretary. All cheques drawn on the Club's Banking Account shall be signedby two of four members of the Committee, two of whom shall be the Chairmanand Treasurer and the other two shall be elected by the Committee at its first meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

(a) The Secretary shall conduct all the non-cricket correspondence ofthe Club, attend at each General, Extraordinary and Committee Meeting andtake minutes of all proceedings there at. He shall also carry out the duties referred to elsewhere in these rules and set under the direction of the Committee.
(b) The Cricket Secretary shall conduct all cricket-related correspondence and be responsible for all work connected with any of the Club's fixtures -
League, Cup or Friendly. If at any time the position of Cricket Secretary is vacant, his duties shall be undertaken by the secretary of the Club.
(c) Captains or Vice Captains will be responsible for ensuring team lists are displayed on the Club's noticeboard.

The Secretary and Treasurer's books shall be open at all times to the inspection of the Committee.

Immediately after the closing of the Treasurer's books at the end of the financial year they shall be audited by the Club's auditor who shall sign the Balance Sheet and Financial Statement to be presented to the Annual Meeting.

(a) The hours during which intoxicating liquor may be supplied in the Clubhouse shall be as follows:
Weekdays and Saturdays: 12 noon to 11.00 PM
Sundays: 12 noon to 10.30 PM
(b) All drinks to be finished no later than 20 minutes after time has been called. Any person not relinquishing their glass on the request of either bar staff or Committee Member after the aforesaid 20 minutes may be subject to disciplinary action.
(c) Except for special occasions the Clubhouse will be closed and evacuated by:
Weekdays 11.30 PM, Sundays 11.00 PM Subject to the provisions of the Licensing act 1988 and any subsequent amendment.

At the discretion of the Committee, all members of any opposing Club shall for the actual day they are engaged in sporting activities at Bilton Cricket Club, be regarded as Temporary Members of the Club. Such visiting members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Club other than those of free admission, voting and introducing visitors or guests.

(a) At the discretion of the Committee and subject to the Rules 19(b)and 19(c) each senior member shall be allowed to introduce two guests on any occasion the Club is open, provided that no person shall be introduced as a guest in the Club whose conduct or presence in the Clubhouse shall be considered by the General Committee objectionable or prejudicial to the interests of the Club. The names and addresses of such guests and the name of the member making the introduction shall be entered in the book provided or such purposes.
(b) No guest shall be introduced to the Clubhouse on more than three occasions during any continual period of three months.
(c) The General Committee shall make periodical inspection of the Visitors Register to ensure that there is no misuse of the Rule 19(a) and 19(b).A nominal roll of all Club Members shall be kept in the Clubhouse.

A nominal roll of all Club Members shall be kept in the Clubhouse.

On the winding up of the Club the surplus assets after discharge of liabilities shall be disposed of as may be decided at the final Extraordinary Meeting of the Club.

(a) All matters of discipline on or off the field shall be dealt with under this rule.
(b) On any incident being reported, the General Committee shall meet to decide if there has been a breach of discipline. If the Committee decide that the breach appears serious and disciplinary action is required then the member or members concerned shall immediately be suspended from membership of the club and its privileges. The Hon. Secretary of the Club shall give notice of this to the member or members concerned in writing.
(c) The General Committee of the Club shall appoint a disciplinary panel of 3 members and one non voting Chairman, non of whom will be a current Committee member or Official of the Club, to hear the charges, such panel to convene within 21 days of being appointed. Notice of the appointment of the panel shall be given to the member or members concerned by the Hon. Secretary of the Club. The Hon. Secretary of the Club shall act as convening officer and shall sit at the hearing to take notes. The panel shall have power to call for evidence both verbal and written.
(d) The decision of the panel shall be notified in writing to the member or members concerned by the Hon. Secretary of the Club.
(e) The member or members concerned shall have the right to appeal to the general Committee of the Club against such decision and the general Committee shall consider the appeal at its first meeting after receiving the notice of appeal.
(f) If the General Committee consider that the breach of discipline is not of such a serious nature, but may require some action to be taken, then such cases may be referred to a disciplinary panel made up of 3 members of the Cricket sub-committee for cricketing incidents, or 3 members of the Membership sub-committee for general incidents. These sub- committees will decide on the action to be taken. In the event of an appeal, any member of such a sub-committee would not be party to hearing such an appeal.
(g) In exceptional circumstances the General Committee may consider that the incident is so severe that it may elect to deal with the incident. Such a decision shall be taken in order to protect the best interests of the club and its membership. The member or members concerned must be allowed to give an explanation of their conduct either verbally or written at the next meeting of the Committee, if after that three quarters of the Committee vote for the expulsion of the member or members concerned. their membership will cease immediately.
(h) The Club operates a code of conduct for:
Senior and junior playing members, coaches, assistants, volunteers, parents, carers, spectators, playing members and committee members. children and young people
(i) The club adheres to the "Safe Hands" welfare of young people in cricket and the Club recognises the importance of the welfare of young people in cricket and will adhere to and enforce the guidelines set out in the ECB document 'protecting young people in cricket' and will adopt the ECB 'Welfare of young people policy'. Theses documents are available from the CWO and are to be displayed on the club notice board.
(j) All club coaches working with junior players must be ECB qualified ECB registered and have adopted and will adhere to the ECB code of conduct.
(k) The Club has adopted the ECB code of conduct for club officials and volunteers.
(l) Any individual involved with children in the club must complete the ECB self declaration form, these forms to be held separately and confidentially by the CWO.
(m) Bilton CC is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of its development. It recognises and adopts 'Sport Englands' definition of sports equity (page 21). The club encourages membership from different groups and diverse communities.

The general Committee may from time to time make or repeal such bylaws and regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as they shall think expedient for the management and well being of the Club.

(a) Amendments to these rules shall be considered only at the Annual General Meeting provided written notice by a member has been given to the Secretary by the 31 October, such notice to contain details of the proposed amendments. This also applies to items to discuss at the AGM under the title ‘Any Other Business.’
(b) A copy of these rules shall be placed in the Clubhouse on the Club's ground and shall remain there at all times.

25. The General Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and of the bye-laws and regulations made from time to time by the Committee and, the decision of the Committee on any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for by these rules or by the regulations shall be final and binding on the members.